Herbal Pain Balm a Handy Medicine for Tension Headache

Tension headache is one of the commonest human health problems. The busy lifestyle of today has meant that more than 50% of adults all over the world faced such headaches last year. As you can see this health trouble knows no segregation! Yet, tension headache is ridiculed; there are many jokes about this painful state. But mind you, when the pain strikes jokes is the last thing that would come in your mind. The pain caused by the tension headache is quite severe in most times and an herbal pain balm comes in handy when you are left pain stricken.

Pain Balm by Sahul

Though tension headaches are largely touted as adults’ problem but they can affect the kids and teens too. Last year about 15% of the children, less than 15 years of age, experienced this condition and a majority of them were female. So, the age bar has been lifted, it seems due to the lifestyle of the modern times. Though, the headache impacts entirety of the head but it initiates from the back of the head or above the eyebrows. Most of the people experience a shrilling sensation which slowly encircles the skull while others describe the pain to be a sort of muscle tension that is experienced in their shoulder and neck. The pain remains constant. Tension headache becomes a habit, with the passage of time and there are many who can continue work and their regular duties despite the pain. The tension headache unlike their other counterparts does not produce any vomiting sensation or nausea. You would not see any flashing lights or black spots while struggling with the pain, though you may experience extra sensitivity to light and sound.


Generally the longevity of these headaches is not too long. It ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. In some cases the headache may go on for hours and even days. In such cases the tension headache is termed as chronic. The frequency of these headaches is also far apart, they may happen once every week. If the frequency is a lot more than this then you have to see a doctor.
The causes of such headache can be varied. It depends on the health condition and the lifestyle of the individual. Some of the causes may include lack of sleep, increase in stress levels, skipping meals, etc. At times headaches may also signify that you need to see an eye specialist.


Though, tension headache is not seen as a disorder or health problem at all, but it can take its toll. Frequent headaches can lead to fatigue, sleeplessness and energy deficiency. The commonest way to get relief from the headache is to take some painkillers. Such low dose painkillers can be bought over the counter. But consuming such painkillers frequently can be disastrous from the long term health point of view. This is why the best solution to tension headaches is using the herbal pain balm. Such balms have no side effects and they can be rubbed anywhere and anytime. If you have a tendency for headaches it is wise to keep a balm close to you.